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Starting a new business or reviving a defunct business is in itself a qualifying activity for immigration purposes. It makes sense because you contribute to the economic growth by running a business in U.S. Businesses create employment opportunity and therefore immigration provisions facilitate establishment of businesses that create jobs and facilitate business growth.

International businesses looking to expand their operations in the United States have the need to bring its staff to undertake promotional activities before the business can be fully operational. If you are well placed in life and would like to carry on a business activity in the United States, you wonder if this is possible without actually living in the States. You might be surprised that the immigration regulations would be able to help you realize your objectives. Economic growth in less developed countries may be a reason why people are interested in maintaining business interests in the United States without moving into this country. I suspect these people may even have strong cultural ties to their countries or families, a bond that they fear would weaken if they moved to the United States although; there are many who were unable to win an H-1B lottery and were forced to leave the united states; these foreign nationals started their successful businesses abroad and now seek to expand.

Now, if you would invest in a business or carry on a trade in the United States and live abroad, chances are you would like to come to the United States frequently just so you could monitor your business or trade and assess how to develop it further. There are many who carry on trade activities in multiple countries and have to travel between countries very frequently because of the nature of their business activity. Travel to the U.S. to carry on and promote your business/undertaking is a good thing for international trade and development and should be encouraged by all countries, and most of the time you should be able to obtain a visa for this purpose to come to the U.S. if you have the right reasons.

Nationals of specific countries that have treaties with the United States are eligible to come to the U.S. to promote trade or investment. Obtaining such a status gives an assurance that you would be able to carry on the necessary tasks to take care of your trade or business while you are in U.S. If the country of your nationality has a treaty with the United States name of your country should appear on this list of treaty countries. If so, you are one step closer to your objective, i.e. you are eligible to apply for a visit to the U.S. to start or promote a business. The list of treaty countries is updated when ever the U.S. signs a treaty with a country. If the country of your nationality does not currently appear on this list it is possible that it may be included here later on if/when the two countries sign a treaty. If you have found your country on this list, you are now ready to take a few additional steps and to present the right reasons to apply for the visa of a treaty trader or investor.

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