Lost My Passport! Now what do I do?

Posted in passport at 2:54 am by Lalita Haran

Your passport is your most important identification document outside your country of nationality. But what do you do when you lose it? Naturally, you worry what consequences you would face because you must be in possession of your passport all the time when you are in a foreign country.

Your passport is your document of identification and the only internationally recognizable document. So if you lose the passport you should immediately take steps to obtain its replacement. It is important! You should contact the embassy of your country of nationality to learn about the process to apply for a replacement and possibly register a complaint with police. Taking additional steps to obtain a replacement passport might throw your travel itinerary a bit off but it is worth the effort.

Besides, if this happens when you are in immigration processing, a lost passport does not result in processing obstacles if you took the necessary steps to obtain the replacement. For example, if you have an interview scheduled when you lost your passport you may still be able to explain the loss although you would be missing some other important information that is necessary for the positive outcome of your immigration case. But it is possible that you took immediate steps to obtain your replacement immediately.

So, take the right steps to replace your passport, and if you can explain it well you may be fine.