Posted in I-94 Error at 1:43 pm by Lalita Haran

I-94 process is automated in early 2013. I-94 is an arrival departure document in an a small paper of the size just bigger than a credit card. It was given in the flight to passengers flying to the United States to fill in their flight information and present it to the CBP officer at the U.S. port of entry. The officer then returned part of this paper with stamp of admission and dates of entry and departure. This used to be the conclusive proof of foreign national’s period of lawful stay.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is no longer issuing the I-94 document. Instead, CBP stores the information electronically and the foreign national receives a only a stamp on his/ her passport at the time of U.S. entry.

Paper I-94 is not issued for cost cutting reasons according to CBP. The information will however be available electronically until the effective date of I-94 for the passenger to retrieve but frequently CBP website does not display any electronic information. This could be due to a variety of reasons only one of them being CBP systems error.

Immigration processing in the United states almost always requires lawful entry with very few exceptions. Inability to retrieve and present accurate information could result in difficulty in obtaining the desired immigration benefits by the foreign nationals.

This type of immigration processing may be OK for the most diligent traveler but could be problematic for many who stayed with lawful presence but either forget or procrastinate to retrieve their departure record.

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