Am I Legal to Work?

Posted in my view at 4:14 am by Lalita Haran

“Am I legal to work,” is a question I am frequently asked.

Employers are required to check your employment authorization! This means that you must have the government authorization to accept employment i.e. lawfully able to accept employment or in other words ” if you are legal to work.”

Employers are required to check employment authorization documentation at the time of hiring a new worker or at the time or rehire. Frequently nut not always unauthorized work at times can render a foreign national ineligible to receive the intended immigration benefit but not always, depending upon who is the beneficiary.

Employment is what draws most foreign nationals to the United States, however immigration law requires them to be authorized to work which takes time to process. The time lag in obtaining the authorization to work is so long that many employers find their businesses services disrupted by the process. Many employers are willing to fill the vacant positions with qualified foreign nationals but find that either they can not obtain a visa or there is no visa provisions available under the immigration law permitting lawful employment. If you can’t man your business the way you would like what would you do? Forces of supply and demand for labor have potent power and should not be contained by restrictive rules if you would like free economic growth. Any form of restraint suggests the question, “am I legal to work”?

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