Withdrawing the three-year Work Permit!

Posted in Changes in Law, Recent Decision, work permit or EAD at 9:34 pm by Lalita Haran

Did you receive the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) 3 yr. WORK PERMIT?
If yes, did you also receive a letter from USCIS asking for return of your work permit? If you answered yes again, you should comply with the letter and return your three year EAD. You should be given a two year work permit as a replacement.

Because of a federal lawsuit in Texas USCIS is asking for return of some three-year work permits if it was issued or mailed after February 16th, 2015. Note: not all three year EADs should be returned but just those that were issued or mailed after February 16th, 2015 are being called back by USCIS.

In a teleconference USCIS officers stated that the letters of rescission are sent to recipients of these EADs. The deadline to return these work permits is July 30th, 2015 and after which these documents will not be valid anyway.

Any one who doesn’t return their work permit and is required to, can lose their DACA eligibility and also their work permit. Employers should use special caution to check the documents when verifying employment eligibility of their workers.

USCIS is calling over phone / sending letters and might be visiting individual homes to collect the three year work permit. These officers carry their enough identification with them, according to USCIS, so the foreign nationals should be aware who they are returning the EADs to.

If you are unsure if you should return your work permit visit the local USCIS office or call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 and choose option 8.

If you are still confused about this and unsure whether you are required to return your EAD or not you can call me at (317)660-6174 or (765)854-1004.