Immigrants targetted for scams!

Posted in Scams at 4:32 pm by Lalita Haran

USCIS in cooperation with Federal Trade Commission addressed that new scams are focused on immigrants. While scammers use innovative ideas to trap all who are unwary, immigrants are focused as easy gullible targets. This could be because immigrants take special care to avoid problems and why not when most legal issues are intertwined with serious consequences on immigration law. So, it is all the more important that this vulnerable class should stay informed.

In the innovative scheme of things some of the more popular ones are: mortgage modification relief, language or other educational courses, prepaid phone cards where the deposit balance vanishes without use, threats or demand over phone about overdue taxes to IRS. Some have even reported emails to show up in court or face a judgment if you do not appear with a link to the court notice or it is in the attachment. A genuine official notification should come in mail and not through email or phone much less that you make a payment for tax penalties or any other settlements over phone.

Grievances may be reported to Federal Trade Commission. You could learn here more about scam-alerts to stay informed.