Visa Application : processing changes

Posted in Consular Processing at 12:52 am by Lalita Haran

Visa applicants face changes in the way they apply for visa at the United States Consulates abroad. Visa application process is going online, meaning, foreign nationals are required to submit applications for visa online at the U.S. consulate’s website.

Fiance`(e) visa applicants abroad are required to use the online application starting October 7th 2013. Although, applications already filed and in the process may be exempt.

Immigrant Visa applications went through a similar change this September. Aspirants waiting to make their Green card applications at U.S. Consulate abroad must now to do so online. Some cases require specific determination and can face delay. Department of state is transitioning to online processing and making it mandatory for new applications while the cases filed prior to this date follow the existing process.

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