H1 receipt notices delayed

Posted in H-1b at 5:12 pm by Lalita Haran

Receipt notices for Form I-129 will take longer to arrive, posts USCIS today. It would take about a month and in certain cases longer by two weeks. So, it would be six weeks to get the receipt of proper filing from the date the petition packet is delivered to USCIS. I am much saddened to hear this. The delay would cause much anxiety among the lawful foreign nationals seeking an extension or change of status.

Receipt notice, in many instances, works as an authorization to stay and/or work and at times provides a basis to renew the drivers’ license while waiting out the processing time for approval of application for change or extension of status.

H1B filing season started since April and the annual quota is fast depleting. The issuance delay is attributed to record number of I-129 filings. Well, H1B numbers are fixed ever since 2008 when the annual quota was reduced from 180,000 to the original 65,000 and the filing rush is well known too. The government assurance that issuance delay is only temporary gives some hope that the situation would improve. I hope that the government treats the issue of proof as an urgent need for all concerned foreign nationals and remedies the situation by offering prompt receipt notices.