TPS extension for Haiti

Posted in Temporary Protected Status at 6:20 pm by Lalita Haran

Haiti was granted Temporary Protected Status on January 21, 2010 following the Massive earthquake. The status is extended July 2011 for another 18 months, till January 2013.

Conditions to apply for this benefit have been relaxed but there are timelines to watch out for. Eligible Haitian nationals could now apply for an extension or even make an initial application. New applications could be made till November 2011 but limitations apply about continuous residence and physical presence.

TPS offers benefits like employment authorization in and protection against removal from the United States. This means that employers could hire TPS nationals who hold a valid EAD. Although permanent residence is not a direct benefit flowing from this status, a national of TPS country while in the United States in this status may adjust his status through other avenues to become permanent resident.

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