Special Registration is unnecessary

Posted in Changes in Law at 3:25 am by Lalita Haran

Government does away with the NSEERS i.e. special registration requirement effective 4/28/2011. Nationals from the 25 designated countries, mostly muslim countries, were required to provide special identifying information while entering U.S. It is well known that some were deported for various offenses at the time of registering. The program started in 2003 initially with a few countries to this list and later on more countries were added to this list.

The recent government announcement recognizes that NSEERS registration did not provide any added security and was in fact a redundant measure. The government recognizes that there are many ways it could perform a background search on foraign nationals and it is no longer necessary to require the nonimmigrants from designated countries to follow special registration process.

I enjoyed reading this. Atleast one inconvenience is less in the world of immigration.

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