H-1B cap is within reach

Posted in H-1b at 6:50 pm by Lalita Haran

H1B Cap is within reach. Perhaps it is a sign of economic recovery that businesses are hiring. The U.S. government reports that the advanced degree H1b exemption limit is reached. Any further advanced degree H-1B applications would now be counted towards the regular h1b quota which is also close to reach its ceiling limit. According to the government website 56,900 H-1b applications have been received upto 11/20/09.

The annual quota of 65,000 H1Bs may be reduced by upto 6,800 which is set aside for the H1B1 visa for nationals of Chile and Singapore and the remaining is then available for the general h1b applications. ince not all the 6,800 numbers of the H1B1 visa is utilized every year, the unused H1B1 from the previous fiscal year are added back to the annual h1b cap number. Additionally, 20,000 H1b applications are approved for advanced degree holders which are considered exempt from the annual cap/quota. Once the required number of advanced degree applications are received these applications would continue to be accepted until the general h1b ceiling limit is reached. As the advanced degree h1b quota is no longer available for fiscal year 2010 all further h1b applications regular as well as advanced degree h1b applications would now be accepted against the general h1b ceiling limit which appears to be fast approaching.