U.S. Immigration delays Indian Movie Super Star

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:14 pm by Lalita Haran

The U.S. requires each entrant into U.S. be scrutinized for security reasons and certain factors may trigger a secondary inspection of the person at the immigration check point. This could be time consuming. There is no distinction between international celebrities and common people, which is commendable. The Indian cinema’s super star, actor Shah Rukh Khan, is reported to be subjected to such inspection on his recent U.S. trip to promote his movie on racial discrimination. Apparently he commented that he no longer wishes to travel to U.S. and later described it to be a routine but “unfortunate procedure.”

This at the least, explains that as part of immigration clearance, all foreign travellers must pass a strict security check each time they enter U.S. While it is appreciable that the procedures are in place to ensure safety, it is evident that this could affect internation tourism and perhaps international image of the United States. The consequent victim is the American travel industry. That perhaps explains why the U.S. airlines showed the first signs of economic peril?