I-94 Error

Posted in I-94 Error, Policy at 6:33 pm by Lalita Haran

Time and again I see that the foreign nationals have issues with their I-94 period i.e. the period for which a foreign national is permitted to stay in the U.S. When a foreign national enters U.S. with a visa, an I-94 stamp is placed on the person’s passport. This stamp among other things contains the date upto which the foreign national’s stay within U.S. is lawful.

Occassionally, an I-94 stamp may, erroneously, be made to coincide with the date of validity of their visa. The foreign national would do himself a favor if he checked the date on the stamp and other biographical information entered on the I-94 stamp before leaving the officer’s desk. An error corrected on the spot would save the foreign national from a lot of worries later on although CBP offers deferred inspection services that could be availed for I-94 corections.

All such efforts to correct the errors should be undertaken in polite and peaceful manner.

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