Naturalization after Living Abroad!

Posted in Immigration Status at 3:16 am by Lalita Haran

Permanent Resident X departed United States about Y years ago and had been living in her country since then. X now wants to return to the U.S. and become a U.S. citizen. The most frequently asked question is: How can X become a U.S. citizen?

Green card holder X wants to naturalize after living abroad for so many years. Can she? As a permanent resident, X must reside in the United States otherwise her permanent resident status is considered abandoned and X could lose her green card, except under certain circumstances.

X’s permanent resident status is in jeopardy because she did not live in U.S., and until X maintained permanent resident status for the required number of years, she cannot naturalize. Living in the U.S. is only one of the many conditions to be satisfied in maintaining permanent residence before X can seek naturalization.

X can stay abroad for longer than a year and return to U.S. without a problem with a reentry permit, which is valid for two years. In order to naturalize, she must take necessary steps if her permanent resident status is not considered abandoned. These steps must be taken before her departure from the U.S. for a long trip abroad. Contact this law office if you have more questions or need help with this.

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